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A Sgt Pembry Joint ...........................................Monday, January 18, 2010

You remember how that Simple Minds song went, 'don't you ... forget about me ... don't, don't, don't, don't ... don't you ... forget about me'. Well, we sure as hell haven't forgotten, nor have we forgotten about the movie it featured so prominently in - The Breakfast Club - especially if you're a child of the 1980s, like myself.

It was the seminal movie for a generation, a teen cult classic. Representatives, or stereotypes, of every class of kid at your local high school coming together on the big screen and rising up - or just getting high - to stick it to the man, in this case the principal.


There was of course the 'Jock' (EMILIO ESTEVEZ), the 'Rebel' (JUDD NELSON), the 'Nerd' (ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL), the 'Misfit' (ALLY SHEEDY) and the 'Popular Girl' (MOLLY RINGWALD), all in detention at the fictional Shermer High School for an entire Saturday for a variety of reasons.

Claire Standish (the princess) ditched class to go shopping; Brian Johnson (the brain) brought a flare gun to school in order to kill himself after failing shop class; Andrew Clark (the athlete) taped up a kid's ass cheeks to impress his father because his dear old dad; John Bender (the criminal) pulled a fire alarm; and Allison Reynolds (the loner) claimed she had "nothing better to do". 

After initially getting under each other's skin in both amusing and confronting ways, despite their glaring differences, they each eventually open up to one another and are forever bonded by their experience together.

Well, on February 7 it will be a full 25 years since The Breakfast Club had its premiere in Los Angeles. So what better time now to see how its members have turned out.

Director JOHN HUGHES, the king of teen comedy in the '80s, once said he planned to make a sequel to THE BREAKFAST CLUB every 10 years, like a high school reunion. It never eventuated, and probably never will, especially with Hughes passing away just last August 2009.

Guess this will have to do. (Click on the 'NEXT' buttom below)

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oprlvr says
Friday, 26 February 2010 | 5:26am
      Well put. I couldn't have written that synopsis any better  ;)))
Alyssa Ross says
Tuesday, November 16 2010 | 1:38pm
Is Judd Nelson died?
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