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THEN: 45
Paul's career spanned 45 years, from 1962 to his death in 2006, and yet he was best known as the hard-assed, but brilliant, principal Richard Vernon in THE BREAKFAST CLUB (1985). The actor who first came to prominance as Dr. David Thornton in daytime soap ALL MY CHILDREN (1976-78) guest starred in a succession of TV actioners in the 1980s, such as The A-TEAM (1984), MAGNUM P.I. (1984), SCARECROW AND MRS KING (1984), MIAMI VICE (1986), THE EQUILIZER (1986), and 21 JUMP STREET (1989), and he had
many a memorable movie role, usually as a Vernon-style prick, like in ARTHUR (1981), TRADING PLACES (1983), DIE HARD (1988) and the STAR WARS TV-movie EWOKS: THE BATTLE FOR ENDOR (1985).

Shut your hole, Wang Chung. I got all three of you guys for the rest of your natural born lives. You're mine. Next time I come in here I'm ... cracking skulls - Principal Richard Vernon
DIED: 67
Paul sadly passed away in 2006, just three weeks after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer linked to asbestos. Apparently, he had worked with his father on building sites in his teens, before becoming a minor league baseball player and then finally an actor. Before his death, Paul returned to playing Richard Vernon in NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE (2001), wearing the original suit from THE BREAKFAST CLUB, and then starred as the much nicer Professor McDoogle in VAN WILDER (2002) with RYAN REYNOLDS, as well as in a host of TV shows, including DAWSON'S CREEK (2003), MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE (2004) and COLD CASE (2005).
I went into acting because I had nothing more sensible to do. However, once I began acting classes with Lee Strasberg at the Actor's Studio in New York, I found it stimulating and rewarding
- Paul Gleason
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