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A Sgt Pembry Preview
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You couldn't help but groan when the rumours started doing the rounds about 12 months ago that another Predator film was being prepared.

If you'd seen the last two outings for the big game alien hunters - Aliens v Predator (2004) and AVP:Requiem (2007) - you couldn't be blamed for wishing they follow Arnold Schwarzenegger's lead by quitting the movie business and heading into politics.

But, confirmation that it was actually Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk 'til Dawn) who was behind the project as producer and co-screenwriter gave it some hope. As long as it wasn't Sharkboy and LavaGirl going into battle against the dreadlocked extra-terrestrials.

Things began getting interesting when Oscar winner Adrien Brody of all people signed on to lead a cast that also includes Topher Grace (That '70s Show), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) and Alice Braga (I Am Legend).

Well, Predators, with Nimrod Antal (Friday the 13th) at the helm as director, looks like it might actually have the goods after 20th Century Fox debuted a sneak preview at the South By Southwest Film Festival.

The featurette contained some kick-ass footage from the movie, and some behind-the-scenes, as well as a few words from Rodriguez himself, pumping it up big-time and maybe rightly so.

The movie will be set on an alien planet, with Brody's character of Royce leading a group of mercenaries who are hunted down by old and new Predators. There is, as Rodriguez puts it, a new updated nastier meaner breed, apparently called the Predator Hound.

The producer added that he didn't want the movie to feel like it was the fifth or sixth (even he's lost track) in a series, but the first.

And there's no doubt it does have a Predator, circa 1987, feel about it, not to mention Aliens (1986). If it's half as good as those two classic sci-fi actioners it will be doing well.

It can't be any worse than either AVP flops.

Predators is released July 7.

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