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Al Pacino in Righteous Kill 10. Al Pacino
BORN: 1940

67 in RIGHTEOUS KILL (2008)
62 in THE RECRUIT (2003)
61 in INSOMNIA (2001)
Has there been an Al Pacino movie in which his character has not had a gun in his hand at some point? Yeah, maybe Scent of a Woman (1992) in which he played a blind guy, though he was still ex-military. But my point is the guy is nearly always playing some genuine badass, usually associated with the mob but sometimes on the other side of the law.
There has been fewer better badasses than young Michael Corleone who inherits the 'family' business in The Godfather (1972), one of Big Al's first movies. He even does away with his own brother in the celebrated sequel (1974). Even when he's playing a homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) he's wielding a rifle, in Dog Day Afternoon (1975).

The badasses have just kept coming over the next three and a half decades - Scarface (1983) and Heat (1995) just to name a couple - right up to the recent Righteous Kill alongside old pal Robert De Niro in which they play a couple of seasoned New York detectives on the trail of a serial killer. The film was not that well received however, with Big Al nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for his performance as David Fisk.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones 9. Harrison Ford
BORN: 1943

65 in CROSSING OVER (2009)
62 in FIREWALL (2006)

The undisputed box-office king of the '80s and early '90s, he brought to life two of the most iconic action figures of all-time in Star Wars' captain of the Millenium Falcon Han Solo and that whip-wielding archaeologist Indiana Jones, not to mention other memorable big screen roles such as a fugitive doctor hunting a one-armed man and a cop pretending to be Amish who doesn't like ice-cream.
I actually doubted we'd ever see another Indy adventure after The Last Crusade in 1989 when Ford was in his 40s and in his prime, but after two decades he made his big comeback. While the film had its share of critics, Ford looked amazing for someone in his mid-60s, still doing alot of his own stunts. Also, he apparently kept himself in such good shape that his costuming measurements for this film had not changed from those in The Last Crusade.

Ford works spasmodiaclly these days, appearing in about six movies in the last 10 years, including actioners Hollywood Homicide (2003) and Firewall (2006) and the paranormal What Lies Beneath (2000). We may see him in yet another Indiana Jones movie, but until then he'll be starring as a border control officer in this year's Crossing Over, earring and all.
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