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13 Men of Action Still Doing It After 60.

Sylvester Stallone at 62 The movie tough guy seems to be a dying breed.

Last year I wrote about the lack of new action stars making an impact on Hollywood. Christian Bale is an obvious stand-out in this generation and he is cementing his position as the number one hard man with roles in The Dark Knight and the upcoming Terminator Salvation.

Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham and Gerard Butler have put in some great ass-kicking performances in recent times, while Sam Worthington and maybe Channing Tatum are the next breed to give the position a decent crack.
 But, where are the next Clint Eastwoods, Harrison Fords, Arnold Schwarzeneggers, Steve McQueens and Charles Bronsons. Certainly not in the form of the Hayden Christensens, Paul Walkers and Shia LeBoeufs of the world. It probably means the older generation of action star is having to work longer, well into their senior citizen years.

Take old Sly Stallone for instance. There he was with the boxing gloves and machine gun both hung for good, or so it seemed. But, he's back and, as the photo above testifies, has been hitting the gym, and no doubt other forms of assistance, in order to get back on the front line where he is needed. He is shown, in all his vein-popping glory, as he will look in The Expendables, to be released next year.

But, he's certainly not the only actor who has dealt in cinematic action well beyond the retirement age ...
Leslie Nielsen 13. Leslie Nielsen
BORN: 1927

68 in SPY HARD (1996)
66 in THE NAKED 33 1/3 (1994)
63 in THE NAKED GUN 2 1/2 (1991)
60 in THE NAKED GUN (1988)
Nielsen probably hasn't been everyones' cup of tea in recent years, appearing in almost every spoof movie that has been released including the good, The Naked Gun (1988), the bad, Superhero Movie (2008), and the just plain ugly, 2001: A Space Travesty (2000), but he must get some credit for getting out there and having a go, even into his 80s.
His performance, which sparked his comeback, as the bumbling Lt Frank Drebin in the original Naked Gun should not be downplayed as it, along with the actual film, was comedy gold. Released well before the likes of Meet the Spartans, Date Movie and all that other crap, which clogged up up the parody pipes, The Naked Gun, in my opinion, is right up there with Airplane (aka Flying High), which he also starred in and delivered the famous line, "And don't call me Shirley".

Before entering the world of the movie spoof full-time, Nielsen was probably best known for playing Commander JJ Adams in sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet (1956) and if you were a fan of the Stephen King-penned Creepshow (1980), playing the guy who drowns his wife and her lover by burrying them in the sand before the tide comes in.
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