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LIST: On the big screen, they are the lowest of the low - racists, wife-beaters, rapists, killers ... even sheriffs. Oh, and they occasionally play the banjo ...



Miller’s poor direction haunts The Spirit the spirit
REVIEW: Frank Miller is a true legend in his field - But under no circumstances should he be allowed anywhere near the making of a movie, let alone directing it ...


Crowe in driver’s seat of Robin Hood film

NEWS: Looks as though director Ridley Scott is putting a new ’spin’ on the legendary Robin Hood tale. Out for his new film are horses, and in come … jeeps?


7 Predator movies we won't be seeing
FANTASY: You may have recently read that hot shot director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) was planning to reboot the stand-alone Predator series, in a big way ...
13 Cyborg Films That Need Termination
LIST: In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Arnold Schwarz-enegger’s character describes itself as being a cybernetic organism ...


Robbie Williams is lovin' Aliens instead
LIST: Here are seven great science-fiction films about UFO's and aliens British popstar Robbie Williams should enjoy ...


Who will play
movie MacGyver?
FANTASY: Mullets are back in fashion, so why not MacGyver. The man with the bad hair is set to make a comeback - on the big screen ...
Just one moment of clown amusement
REVIEW: Can one scene make a movie? Not usually, and it certainly didn’t make low-budget straight-to-DVD horror Amusement. But there is one memorable moment ...


The 9 Lamest Aliens
in Movie History

LIST: This list focuses on the non-invading, usually non-threatening alien visitors, but the sort of creatures that make you wish we really were alone ...

13 Men of Action Still Doing It After 60 sly stalloneclint Eastwoodjohn wayne
LIST: These movie tough guys don't know the meaning of 'packing it in', only 'packing a punch' - well beyond the age of retirement ...
The Outsiders ...
Where are they now?
LIST: To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first time I saw The Outsiders (it's not really, I'm just making this shit up), I've put together this special tribute...
Doomsday has all the right ingredients
REVIEW: Neil Marshall’s Doomsday could be likened to a good stew. What he’s done is got a big pot and thrown in large amounts of Mad Max and more ...


Coen Brothers Burn
so hot right now

REVIEW: The masters of black comedy, the Coen Brothers, recovered from a mid-career crisis in style, firstly with No Country for Old Men and then this ...

Guy Ritchie hits high note with RocknRolla
REVIEW: Madonna divorcing Guy Ritchie is probably the best thing to happen to the Brit gangster movie genre since … well, Guy Ritchie ...
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