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FANTASY: Do you think actor Michael Cera has ever contemplated playing a character that is not a shy, awkward yet lovable geek? Me thinks not. But here's a few roles he should consider taking on to avoid that big black typecasting cloud hanging over his weird head ...




7 Stephen King
Movie Mash-ups

FANTASY: We've had Alien vs Predator, Freddy vs Jason, Monsters vs Aliens, The People vs Larry Flynt. It's time to bring together the horror author's best..

7 Predator movies we won't be seeing
FANTASY: You may have recently read that hot shot director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) was planning to reboot the stand-alone Predator series, in a big way...


Who will play
movie MacGyver?
FANTASY: Mullets are back in fashion, so why not MacGyver. The man with the bad hair is set to make a comeback - on the big screen ...
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