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Who will Play Movie MacGyver?

MULLETS are back in fashion, so why not MacGyver. Though, I’m not sure the cult television character renowned for his inventiveness and bad hair was ever really in fashion was he?

Regardless, the man who got out of jams for eight years on the small screen (1985-92) is about to make a comeback - on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter says that MacGyver is to get the feature film treatment thanks to New Line.

"We think we’re a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip and an A-list writer away from a global franchise," said a knee-slap provoking Richard Brener, of New Line.

THR says no writer is attached, but the studio hopes to find a script that can acknowledge how the concept has staked a place into pop culture yet still makes for a serious and fun adventure movie.

Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver - of the television era - but who will become the MacGyver of the cinema?

Can’t say I’m that excited about the whole concept as I was never much of a MacGyver fan though it will be interesting to see who does eventually slip into the ‘do’.
Who should play Movie MacGyver? And the nominees are....
Jack Black as MacGyver


Jack Black
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