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Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele

The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Released: 1978

GREGORY PECK portrays Nazi Dr Josef Mengele, who is trying to follow-through on a plan to clone the one and only Adolf Hitler. He explains that the fuehrer "had denied himself children because he knew that no son could flourish in the shadow of so godlike a father! But when he heard what was theoretically possible, that I could create one day not his son, not even a carbon-copy but another original, he was thrilled by the idea! The right Hitler for the right future! A Hitler tailor-made for the 1980s, 90s, 2000!" The real Josef Mengele was still alive in São Paulo, Brazil when this film was released. He died in 1979. LAURENCE OLIVIER received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for playing Nazi hunter, Ezra Lieberman.

The movement! People are fascinated! The time is ripe! Adolf Hitler is alive! - DR JOSEF MENGELE


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