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Featured in: BAD TASTE (1987)
Home Planet: NALIC NOD
Reason for visit: HARVESTING HUMANS


Everyone has got to start somewhere and for PETER JACKSON (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) it is totally in BAD TASTE. Bad taste by name, bad taste by nature. It is the story of a race of alien beings who arrive on Earth to give new meaning to the words 'take-away'. They begin harvesting the poor residents of a small New Zealand town for their own McDonald's-style fast-food franchise chain burgers back on their home planet.

Jackson doesn't hold back in his first feature film, laying on the blood and guts - both human and extra-terrestial - rather thickly as a small band of Kiwi soldiers, including Jackson's own character of Derek, try to put a stop to their gruesome plans.

Much like the box office sensation he recently produced, NEILL BLOMKAMP's DISTRICT 9 (2009), BAD TASTE started out as a short film, but with some funding from the New Zealand Film Commission - and Jackson shooting on weekends for four years with friends in the lead roles - it gradually grew to a full-length movie that has become a cult hit.

Jackson, who had wanted to make not just one sequel but two, is said to have made all masks in his mother's kitchen. The heads of the aliens are bent backwards otherwise they wouldn't have fit in the oven where the latex was hardened.

"... The sad news is that we will be heading for Nalic Nod with six of our co-workers in a state of permanent death. They died today, murdered by some real assholes - Lord Crumb.


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