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7 Great Films about Aliens Robbie Williams would enjoy
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What happened to ‘lovin’ angels instead’ Robbie? Most would know now about British pop singer Robbie Williams’ UFO fetish. As a bit of a nut when it comes to things from outer space myself, I commend him for being so public about his new love affair.
Apparently his obsession led to the break-up of his last relationship and he has just recently paid £7-million for a country estate said to be criss-crossed by “ley lines” — invisible mystical energy routes believed to attract UFOs.
That quality publication The Sun reported that “his mansion, set in 71 acres, is also bang in the centre of crop circle country — and just yards from an HQ for thousands of people who investigate the field indentations every summer”.
With that said, here’s a selection of seriously good serious movies involving aliens and/or UFOs Mr Williams could really enjoy...
7. Signs (2002)
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Starring: Mel Gibson, Jacquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin.
An interesting take on the old invasion of Earth scenario, exclusively from the view of a mid-west family.  Gibson’s Reverend Graham Hess, his brother Merril (Phoenix) and kids, Morgan (Culkin) and Beau (Cherry Jones), are terrorised by these aliens who use the family’s corn field as a landing strip.
From self-proclaimed ‘master’ of twists and turns, director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense), it is gripping, but a little outrageous all the same (I mean potty-mouth, chain-smoking, two-timing Mel Gibson portraying a preacher … c’mon).
The aliens, each seven-foot tall, are capable of flying billions of miles through space, but can’t knock down a couple of wooden boards. And what’s with not liking water? Isn’t it the key to life or something? If Williams ever comes in contact with these ETs, maybe he should take them out on a bender – no water, just spirits.
... it said they would probably invade. They wouldn’t use their technology, or fight in airborne battles, because they know eventually we would use nuclear weapons, and the planet would be useless to them” - Morgan.
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