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7 Predator Movies We Won't See

A Sgt Pembry Joint ...........................................Monday, August 10, 2009
You may have recently read that hot shot director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is planning to reboot the stand-alone Predator series, in a big way.
While he may only be producing the project, he will be very hands-on, helping to bring a movie many of us have been waiting many a year for, to life, Predators.
Yes, Predators. Not Predator 3. Or even another lame Alien v Predator, but Predators. That means we will finally get to see these big bad alien muthas hunting in packs.
We've seen glimpses of their little get-togethers - the end of Predator 2 for instance. Oh, and, in those deplorable AVP movies, before they get wiped out early in the piece.
Here's hoping a fair amount of the action will even take place on the Predators' home planet of Yautja.
What we probably won't see is anything like these movies below ... Though the ideas might be kinda interesting ...
Predator Bunch
7 The Predator Bunch
After their spouses are killed on separate hunts, two worldly Predators meet, fall in love and settle down ... in Small Town, USA, with their six kids ... and a human housekeeper named Alice. One comical incident after another follows as the Predator Bunch attempt to adapt to their new surrounds. No amount of alien training though could have prepared them for the hostile surrounds of suburban life.
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