laundrette escape

You are locked in the Laundrette in the middle of the night! Don't get your heaad in a spin!! Use your puzzle solving skills to escape.

Shotgun Wedding Escape

It's not quite your dream wedding when you find yourself suited up at the alter in the Chaple O' Lurve. Your new in-laws are armed with shotguns and your wife-to-be has a little surprise of her own on the way. How will you get out of this one?

Griselda's Escape

Griselda the witch went to town to buy supplies for halloween. When suddenly she was set upon by a group of irate townsfolk who didn't like witches. Help Griselda get home to her house on the lake before the angry mob catches up with her.

Studio 27 Escape

As a world renowned abstract artist, you were busy working away on your latest masterpiece in your trendy studio by the bay. Then you discover you have accidently locked yourself in. Try to find clues and items to help you escape from studio 27.

Candy Store Escape

Getting locked in a candy store is good fun. But once you've eaten more than your fill of chocolate, lollipops and sugary treats, that sweet tooth has become a toothache and it might be time to break out of here and check in with a dentist!

Deadly Date Escape

Everyone warned you not to go on a date with a stranger you met on the internet. But you wouldn't listen and when Mr Wonderful turned out to be a crazy stalker who locked you up in his room.

Castaway Island Escape

You are marooned on a deserted island, and although you enjoy the peace and tranquility, the nightlife isn't all that exciting. Use your escaping skills to find your way back to civilisation.

Spooky Escape

You have been caught by an evil witch. Imprisoned in her lair, you search the grounds looking for a way out before she returns. But you soon discover you're not alone here. Help the other unfortunate souls trapped in the witch's graveyard...

Changeroom Escape

Shopping for new clothes in a fancy department store, you suddenly find yourself locked in the changeroom. You bang on the door and yell for a while, but nobody comes to your aid.Use your escaping skills to find a way out.

A Garden Escape2

So you escaped the garden, but you're still on the run from those guys in the blue car... you flee blindly into the storm-water drain... and end up at the train station...

A Garden Escape

Some shady looking characters in a blue car have been tailing you all day. You don't know what they want, and you don't really want to find out! In an attempt to lose them you slip through an open garden gate. Now all you have to do is find another way out of the garden.

Party Escape

You are throwing a big party and all your friends are coming... The Table is set, the champagne is on ice and you have made a party mix to get everyone dancing.... only one problem - you've accidently locked yourself in the party room.

Nursery Escape

A babysitting job gone bad! Your cheeky young charge has locked you in the nursery and now the kids are running riot through the house.Search around the room for objects and solve puzzles to escape quickly and get the kids under control before their parents get home.

Balcony Escape

Soaking up the relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere on the balcony of your holiday Villa, the heat is making you thirsty. You head inside to fix yourself a tropical cocktail, but when you try to open the door, you find it locked.

Spa Room Escape

You visit an exclusive Day Spa retreat for some indulgent pampering, After an invigorating massage, the masseuse leaves you alone to enjoy a relaxing spa-bath. 30 minutes later you emerge from the bubbles and dress feeling mentally refreshed. Which is lucky...

Hostage in the Attic

You wake up in an unfamiliar attic. Your mind is groggy and the last thing you remember was being hit on the head from behind as you were walking through the parking lot.Soon realising you are the victim of a kidnapping you set about searching the attic for a way to escape.

Escape the Pub

You had plans to meet up with friends at the local pub, but when you got inside you found the place to be deserted. Trying to leave you discover the door is locked from this side. You must search the room for clues and objects to solve the puzzles and escape from the pub.

carny caravan escape

For a romantic weekend you booked the honeymoon suite in your favourite motel. Now your beloved awaits you on the balcony with a gift. But the door is locked and you cannot get out.

carny caravan escape

At the carnival with your friends, they dare you to take a look inside the fortune-tellers caravan... No sooner do you enter when the door slams shut behind you and now you are locked in. Escape before the Carnies come back and catch you.

Scramagram Kitchen Escape

Ravenously hungry. go in search of something to eat. But now you are locked in the Kitchen, you search around the room for hidden letters which, once rearranged, will give you the password to exit.


scramagram Bathroom Escape

You took a long luxurious spa bath and ordered roomservice. Now you find yourself locked in the bathroom. You search around the room finding letters. once rearranged, they will give you the password to exit.

Granny's House

Granny is driving you nuts with all her demands... 'Find my specs'...'Tidy the yard'... 'File my corns'! It just goes on and on. You need to get out before you go mad or die from exhaustion. Find clues and solve the puzzles in order to escape.

Library Labyrinth

You wake up in the library...The last thing you remember you were studying for an important exam... But now you are the only person left in the library. It's all locked up and there isn't a telephone in sight... including your mobile phone, which appears to have been stolen from your pocket.


You awaken to complete blackness.
You can't see a thing...As your eyes adjust to the gloom, you can make out vague shapes around you.... a growl, low and menacing, from somewhere in the darkness sets you searching blindly for something to help you get out of here...

Escape from the Garage

Escape from the Garage is another Escape Game from RogueJoker, this time You are locked in the Garage!
Use your escaping skills to find clues and objects to help you get out.
Good Luck!!

Get Out Rich!

Tommy Rich, billionaire playboy and heir to the Rich&Richer Media empire, you are being held hostage in an appartment, and need to find a way out of there before the thugs return.

Ultra-Violet Gallery

Welcome to the ultra-violet gallery.
Your objective this evening is to escape from the gallery.
there are puzzles and hidden clues in the artwork to help you.
good luck and enjoy the show.

Laboratory Lockdown

Working as a lab assistant on a top-secret project, you stay back after hours to clean up a messy experiment. Suddenly an alarm sounds. An emergency lockdown has been initiated and nobody knows you are still inside!

Kooky Cabin Escape

Crazy Aunt Lilly insisted you take some time out and relax at her holiday cabin. But something is odd here, and when you try to leave you find yourself trapped.


Escape from the beautiful Sunset Room, find objects to unlock the door and Escape from the room.

Budgie Escape

Use your escaping skills to help this clever little bird escape from its cage.

shower escape

Alice is sick of cleaning up after you, so she has locked you in the shower to teach you a lesson. Can you Escape?

great bank

You are in the bank. Find clues and objects to help you solve the puzzles and escape.

In the dog-house

You are in the Dog-House!

Can you get out???

escape the well
Down you plummeted to the bottom of the well.... your cries for help are drowned by the tunes from the bands. Some creative thinking is needed if you are to get out of this jam.
office escape
The automated security system in the office building has malfunctioned and now you are locked in. Search for items and solve the puzzles to escape.
Enchanted Forest
Lost and disorientated in the forest. It feels like you are going around in circles. Search amongst the bushes and trees for objects to help you get out.
25 Willow Hill
Dared to enter the notorious 25 Willow Hill, you foolishly accepted the challenge... Now you are trapped inside this cursed house, held captive by a soul with unfinished business in the living world...
closet escape
You are locked in Dr Hackemup's waiting room, terrified by the cries of pain coming from his room, you decided to leave, only to find that the doors are locked and your next on the list. Search the waiting room for objects to help you get out.
closet escape
You are locked in the closet, try to get out by clicking on objects to move them around and look behind and underneath them. Find objects to help you, some items must be combined with others to work.


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