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Hostage in the Attic
Escape the Pub

You wake up in an unfamiliar place, an old attic judging by the look of it. Your mind is groggy and the last thing you remember was being hit on the head from behind as you were walking through the parking lot.

Soon realising you are the victim of a kidnapping you set about searching the attic for a way to escape.

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Hi Gamers,
Just a quick update... I know a lot of people have been having some trouble with the full-page ads on our site not allowing access to the game. These ads have now been removed until I can find a better working solution.
Another issue recently brought to my attention was virus alerts - so sorry everyone. The offending ads have been removed and I'm no longer using that ad network.

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully these changes will make for a better experience of the site.

Thanks for playing!

Rachel =)


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